Thursday, October 04, 2007

Antique tractor fetches $400,000 at auction


A rare 1913 Case Model 30-60 -- one of only five known to exist -- brought a whopping $400,000 at auction in late September. At that price, the antique Case cost more than the most expensive modern tractor currently sold by Case IH.

The $400,000 final bid also stands as the highest price paid for any antique tractor at a public auction, according to Dave Mowitz, editor of the Ageless Iron Almanac and Successful Farming magazine Machinery Editor.

The Case 30-60 was sold during the George Schaaf Truck and Tractor auction held near Frankfort, Illinois. Schaaf had amassed one of the nation's most respected collections of antique tractors and trucks.

Although this massive auction included many rare trucks, it was the tractors that ruled the day. The next four highest priced items were all tractors that included a 1918 Huber Model 35-70 (which sold for $250,0000, a 1918 Advanced-Rumely Oil Pull Model 30-60 ($165,000), a 1923 Avery Model 45-60 ($150,000) and a 1918 Aultman Taylor Model 30-60 ($95,000).

All told, 65 items sold during the Schaaf sale, which was conducted by Aumann Auction of Nokomis, Illinois. Click here for more information about the action.