Thursday, September 13, 2007

Auctioneeers ! Find Used Auction Equipment

Just had this note from Sheldon at Kuntry Kustom RV telling me about their new site for auctioneers to buy and sell used auction equipment, Toppers, trailers etc. Be sure to check it out at

Our priniciple business at Kuntry Kustom RV is to build auction trailers and auction truck toppers for the auction industry. This business has been successful because of our ability to build a trailer from frame up that is designed specifically for the auctioneer and his unique office needs. In the middle of our working to help auctioneers own new equipment, we were finding auctioneers who contacted us with used equipment to sell, while the next day of work would bring us calls from auctioneers who were looking for used equipment. After trying to connect these two parties together by phone calls or emails we found a better way to serve our customers by launching a web site dedicated to the auctioneer who would like an easy, affordable way to advertise and sell his current equipment, and to the auctioneer who may be new to the business or just doesn't feel like they are comfortable with the investment into new equipment.

The website is organized similarly to national auction websites. An auctioneer can log onto the site, write the description of what they would like to sell, and upload pictures. The purchaser can then make direct contact with the auctioneer if they have more questions on the listing. The site is limited to selling just the type of equipment an auctioneer would use in the operation of his business. There is a small fee of $85 to list on the site in order to cover the cost of the site development and maintanence. Our hope is that the site is a useful enough tool so that the auction industry can take full advantage of this potential to help the auctioneer grow his business.