Wednesday, October 03, 2007 helps users easily decipher ceramics

Antique & collectible ceramics have a secret to tell and helps users easily decipher those secrets, allowing collectors & consumers to determine their hidden value.

San Francisco, California - September 29, 2007 - A typical household in the U.S. has dozens if not hundreds of plates, cups & saucers, vases, bone china, figurines, steins and other ceramic items. Many of these pieces have been passed down through many generations of a family or have been acquired over many years. Vintage ceramics have a story to tell and part of that story is that the value of some of these items is much higher than the owner realizes. To unlock the hidden value of vintage ceramics, the first step is to determine who made the item and when. What most people don't realize is that hidden away on the underside of many vintage porcelain and pottery pieces is a manufacturer's mark that can give insight into who made the piece and in most cases, where and when it was made. A website called can help users easily decipher the secrets of manufacturers' marks on Porcelain, Pottery or China and vintage ceramic pieces.

Many manufacturers' marks on ceramics can be like complex codes and can provide a lot of information. For example, in addition to the name and location of the Porcelain factory or Pottery, some of these marks can give detailed data, which may also include the person that designed or decorated a particular Pottery Vase or a Porcelain Figurine. Also, marks for the same manufacturer can also change over time, so a mark used in the 1800's may be entirely different from a mark used today, by the same maker. Especially for China or Dinnerware, a particular Pattern may also be produced over many years, with earlier pieces having more value than newer pieces with the only visible difference being the maker's marks. With so many issues related to marks, using a reliable source like is an absolute necessity when trying to determine accurate information about a vintage ceramic.

This is particularly helpful for online Sellers and Buyers, for example on eBay. It is estimated that a Seller on eBay has at least a 60% better chance of selling an item successfully if the Item Title and Description include the name of the maker and the period it was made. Since Buyers mainly search by a specific maker's name, having accurate information on a Porcelain or Pottery or China piece, helps eBay to display more relevant results in a more prominent position, and therefore achieve higher prices.

The service has been available since 2004 and has received some very complimentary reviews from users.

"As usual, you are absolutely amazing, from every point of view...! I just can't thank you enough, I wanted to bid on and hopefully win the set as a wedding present, but the intended recipient, a very close friend of mine, is a real Art deco fanatic and so I didn't want to make the mistake of giving her something that was say, early 1950's...Many, many heartfelt thanks again for your help, in this case direct, and many, many times indirect, through your fantastic website..." Ambra
"Your information was extremely helpful and much appreciated. You have eased my mind regarding the age and authenticity of this Meissen piece. I was concerned that it may have been a recent reproduction. I am grateful to have come across your site as it is certainly an asset for antique lovers like myself. Thank you again for the insightful information! Best Regards, ~Martha :)"
"I am just writing to thank you for your reply to the inquiries I recently submitted. I am impressed by the speed with which these inquiries were dealt with, and the information that was supplied is invaluable. I am only a new member and am so very impressed with the service, I will be a member for a long time, and will recommend your service to everyone I meet. Thank you for your time. Kindest Regards, Frances"

"We've spent a great deal of time evaluating customer feedback and using it to create what we consider to be an invaluable tool for researching vintage ceramics, silver, antiques and collectibles." said Peter Coleman, marketing specialist for "Our goal is to empower our users with the knowledge they need to make an informed and accurate evaluation of their antiques and collectibles."

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