Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Purple Wave Auctions

Last month when I was in Kansas for the Kansas Auctioneers Association annual convention in Salina, I stopped to visit the Aaron's of Purple Wave Auctions in Manhattan Kansas. They run a very nice show, with an innovative online bidding system. They catolog their entire auction and place on the website for pre-bidding. They remove the items from the website just before the auction and use these as proxy bids for the live auction. This eliminates the hassle and costs of live online webcasting, but allows for easy bidding through the website.

Aaron Mckee and Aaron Traffas are also very committed to advertising their upcoming auctions on as many websites as possible. They input their entire catolog on asmany sites as possible, and invite bidders to click through the listing directly back to the pre-bidding page for all the individual items.

I really think these guys have the model working for them that mos
t auctioneers will have adopted 5 years from now.