Monday, December 12, 2005

Online Webcasting

What is a Live Online Auction?

Live online bidding allows a consumer to attend an auction virtually, simply by using a computer with an Internet connection and Web browser. Bidders can now participate in any live auction with the same advantages they would have if they were sitting in the auction room.

What is Live Real-Time Bidding?

Live real-time bidding allows online bidders to send their bids to the auction floor via the Internet, as if the bidder were at the auction in person. An auctioneers’ assistant is onsite to accept your bid and to relay your high bid amount to the auctioneer.

What is a proxy bid?

A proxy bid is a sealed bid left with an auctioneer or third party indicating the maximum amount that you are willing to bid on a particular lot or item.

What is Auto-Bidding?

The Proxibid™ system allows a user to place a "proxy bid" by entering the maximum amount they are willing to bid. The system bids on behalf of the bidder until they win the lot, or when the indicated maximum bid amount is reached. When using the auto-bidding feature, you may want to bid one increment higher to minimize the possibility of a tie bid.

What is the Dynamic Auction System?

Proxibid’s Dynamic Auction System allows interaction between the online bidders and the auction room floor during a live event. Proxibid™ customers can use their computers to participate in an auction from the comfort of their home or office. All bids are relayed in real-time over the Internet, allowing the users to bid with the same confidence as if they were attending the live auction.

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