Friday, September 16, 2005

Here are some tips on placing your Auction or Garage sale advertisement online.


Advertising on the web has some obvious advantages over other forms of advertisement. The lure of reaching millions upon millions of potential clients is first among them. The ability to search for exactly what you want is another. But placing your ad online is not as easy as just throwing some information out and waiting to reap the profits. If you have surfed to's home page recently, you will see a message for over 3 billion documents. That's a lot. If you were to spend 30 seconds on each of these 3 billion documents on the web, it would take you some 1400 years to get to the end. Needless to say your advertisement, once put on the web, is under some stiff competition. Here are some tips for selling your stuff online.

- Start Early, Start Early Start Early - Most people find information they are interested in by using the major search engines and directories, Yahoo and MSN, . These search engines take about a month to navigate the web. At best it will take about a month for your web page to be seen by the viewer. Google is faster about transversing the web, but only for those web sites that have the proper or enough incoming links. People may not visit a site or even look up a particular word more than once a week at best. We recommend placing your advertisement one month before the expected sale. If you start early, this will ensure that a maximum amount of people can view your sale advertisement.

- Put your advertisement in as many places as possible. Although there are a lot of people on the web at any one time there are many web pages to search through. It helps to place your advertisement in as many places as possible.

- Check your local newspaper's web site - Some will allow you to place an advertisement for free. Make sure that any advertisement that you place in their classifieds comes with a free online advertisement.

- Use the proper terms to help searchers and search engines - "Huge 4 family garage sale" may sound like a perfectly good garage sale advertisement, and It is unless you are advertising on the web. People on the web are more likely to be searching for a particular item. It will pay bigger dividends if your headline and body spell out exactly what you have. A better headline for online would be "FloorLamps, Beanie Babies and Household items"

- Some things are just better sold individually online - There are some items that will probably bring you more money if you sell them on eBay or other online auctions. Some Collectibles, old computers and some nice clothing will sell better online or will do well with a well established auctioneer. If you have the time and are willing to do some extra work, price your article at an online auction to get an idea of what it is selling for. Some things will probably sell better at a garage sale or auction than online. Christmas ornaments, (there is too much competition online) that old shirt, and really heavy items that will not ship well, do better at a garage sale or auction than trying to sell them individually online.