Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Auction Bidding Tips - Bidding on Collectibles

source www.luv2bid.com

Here are some ideas to help make your next traditional auction a money saving experience:

Look around before you go - A great thing about the internet is that no matter what topic you pick there will be reams of information on it on the web. Take advantage of this before you attend your next auction. Search Google, Msn and the other search engines for what you are interested in. Look for similar items at eBay, and Tias.com to find out what the object of your affections is going for at online auctions (eBay) and for fixed prices. Find discussion groups on your item and get involved. If your item is valued by others, learn what makes it valuable. If your item is heavy, learn what it will take to get the item home. Leave your home with a fixed budget. If you have to, tatoo that budget on the back of your hand.

Don't be late - You'll need a bidders number in order to bid on items, you might as well as get it as early as possible. While you are getting a number learn how the sale will be conducted. Learn if there will be a buyers premium on the items sold. Learn if there will be any sales tax. Try to figure these numbers into your budget. After you get your bidder's number, go and find what interests you, check the condition, see where your treasure is arranged in relation to other items. Don't assume that if everything seems to be well made and of quality, then everything at the auction is nice. Know what you are bidding on. Take a look around at other bidders, see what they are interested in, how they are dressed.

Watch your language - Body language is important in auctions. How you act, how you bid will be read by others. There are people who come to auctions just to bid up lots Should you have to go up against them, they will drive you nuts. They tend to be very good at reading body language and tone of voice of the people they are bidding against. Here are some ideas to help you avoid bidding too much when the bidding is down to you and one other person. Try not to act too interested in what you will be bidding on. Never stand over it like a vulture, get a good idea of how much you are willing to spend on the item and then go and look at something else. This will help to calm you down and if you happen to see something of value it won't draw attention to the item. When you are bidding on the item be aware of your tone of voice. Don't get too excited on what you are bidding on. Above all remember your budget. It is nice to get what you want when you are bidding, it feels even better when you don't have to pay too much for the item.