Friday, August 12, 2005

Mapping Websites

Ever tried to find directions to a location, only to be dissapointed in the accuracy? Maybe they couldn't even find the town that is little more than a dot on the map?

Mapquest has probably been around the longest and it does an excellent job of giving directions in the United States. It is not that great for Canada, but then again many people in the world can't find Canada on a map of the world.

MapPoint from Microsoft is probably the best for Canada and the US combined. It also has great software for your laptop that allows you to plug in a GPS receiver with the mapping software and shows you in real time that you missed your corner. If you don't have your usual backseat driver with you, you can enable the voice commands to give you notice that you will soon have to make a turn.

Always an up and coming contender, Google has a new service that gives you mapping . In many ways it is the clear winner, but it comes up short in some ways. The abilty to view the satellite images as an overlay to the map will give you hours of entertainment looking at your house, and the mess in your neighbors backyard.

Google, always the innovator also lets you see mapping for the moon to see where Nasa's space landings were. Be sure to zoom in close to see exactly what the moon is made up of.

MultiMap is my favorite for UK and England directions, seems to be the most accurate for finding locations there, and if you have ever travelled there you know that a good map is indispensable. It makes London and Manchester look as easy as Lewistown, Montana to navigate.

One that I am not that familiar with is Yahoo maps. According to some reports it is the most used of all mapping services.

Hope these links help, and let me know of any others and your experience with them