Monday, August 08, 2005

How we got started.

The original Farm Auction Guide website was born from one farmer's struggle to find farm auction listings on the Internet. Since few auctioneers had websites, and even fewer provided searchable databases, it was extremely difficult for farmers to find any particular item. Using other leading-edge agricultural sites (, to develop a model, we built what we believe to be the Internet's most powerful and user-friendly auction site. Whether you are an auctioneer looking for the best exposure for your auction, or a farmer looking for that one special tractor, is the ultimate auction resource on the Internet.

Within the first year of operation, the success of our business model, combined with auctioneer and user feedback, prompted our expansion into other industries. To facilitate this growth, was re-launched to join forces with 7 other industry-specific websites, forming the Global Auction Guide Media Group. Many unique features have set Global Auction Guide apart from other auction websites, and through syndication, our aggressive marketing of auctioneer sale bills has made Global Auction Guide the market leader in on-line auction advertising.

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The Global Auction Guide Media Group includes many different brands and syndication partners.

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