Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Go East Young Man!

The year is 2020, and I have just returned from a sunny semi-tropical resort located on the Bering Straits of Alaska. Upon returning home I check my ether mail and schedule, while my holographic secretary informs me that I will be flying out to China next week for a series of Industrial Auctions. I turn; throwing my duffle bag towards the couch, and inadvertently through the computer generated three dimensional image. �Was that really necessary?� she states with a tempting smile. I ponder for a moment, contemplating the opportunity ahead of me, and remembering a time in the recent past when this opportunity would never have been possible. �Capitalism in the People's Republic of China�, I say. It's a wonderful world we live in!

In the year 2000 the median age for American citizens was 55. America is continuing its advancement in becoming a graying nation. The last baby boom ended in 1965, as America launched its Medicare program, as well as the Gemini 5 Spacecraft. Our glory days are now waning, and the dawning of the age of Aquarius has now set. We continue in our transition from a nation once known for its manufacturing and idealistic young people, now evolving into a nation of blue hairs dependent upon service industries in supporting the new economy. Although we may continue as a super power it is inevitable that our position on top as a young nation, and the crown of laurels we enjoy and now wear, will eventually be passed down as our nation matures, temples graying, and the next generation of super powers emerges.

Enter China! We import more cement, steel, and other materials than ever before. Imports of Chinese cement to the US have lessened dramatically in recent months, as China is now keeping and using most of the cement they manufacture for their current building boom. If there was ever a time to consider future opportunities abroad that time is now!

Have any of you auctioneers recently received requests from foreign businesses soliciting your auctioneer services? By the way, I am not talking about those internet offers being extended from a Natural Resources Minister in Zimbabwe, A Zulu Tribal King, or a Russian bride who seek to deposit money into a willing and gullible American's bank account. I have personally received many legitimate offers from abroad. I am also a contractor for a few auction companies that provide auction services to the international market. For some of you this may be disquieting, but I am not really sure why.

Opportunity is what you make of it. Seizing opportunities is what makes the smart business man successful. China is still in its industrial infancy, but they are transitioning, developing, and growing like all countries are. Sure they are not perfect, but what young child is without the tutelage of a mentor?

Enter the Auction Industry! China has no real Auction Industry to speak of. With all of their factories in the process of retooling, and the many exports coming into this country, they will need and require the services of willing auctioneers. Who would China look to for help in assisting them? Of course their Anglo cousins to the West. Think about it! How many of you have ever received offer upon offer to buy Chinese containers (furniture, paintings, Tiffany & Galle` repro glass, etc.) loaded to the brim?

The opportunity is now. Plan for it! Expect it! Make a million, and invite me to help you. A man's vision is only limited by how far he sees. China will offer auctioneers a bright future. Go East young man.

Tom DiNardo is co-owner of DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers of Anacortes, WA. Tom is an Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Writer.

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